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Michigan DMV Motorcycle Practice Test 10 2019

(From the 2019 Michigan Motorcycle Manual)
Number of tests: 10
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 80

Directions: To get a motorcycle license in Michigan, you must pass a knowledge test. The Michigan Knowledge test consists of 20 questions. You must score 80% to pass that test. The following questions are based on the details provided in the Michigan Motorcycle Manual. If you need additional information, please contact your local DMV office. You can find your nearest DMV office at Michigan DMV locations.

You have made 2 errors so far.
1. Bright colored helmets:
  • May make it easier for the wearer to be seen

  • Can be distracting

  • Are not permitted

  • Don’t help in improving visibility

2. Which of the following provides the most protection?
  • Face shield

  • Windshield

  • Goggles

  • Eye glasses

3. When preparing to pass another vehicle on their left, what part of the lane should you ride in?
  • The right side

  • The left side

  • On the shoulder

  • The center

4. To best control a motorcycle, the driver should:
  • Sit with arms fully extended

  • Keep feet firmly on the footrests

  • Use their arms to hold their body up

  • Place knees away from the gas tank

5. The combined effects of alcohol and other drugs are:
  • Usually minimal

  • That the two usually balance each other out, so there is no negative effect.

  • more dangerous than either is alone

  • Less dangerous than either one alone

6. Proper lane position should allow for all of the following except:
  • Allow for an escape route

  • Allow you to avoid windblasts from other vehicles

  • Allow you to be in another vehicle’s blind spot

  • Allow you to set up for turns