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Nevada DMV Motorcycle Practice Test 4 2018

(From the 2018 Nevada Motorcycle Manual)
Number of tests: 4
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 80

Directions: To get a motorcycle license in Nevada, you must pass a knowledge test. The Nevada Knowledge test consists of 25 questions. You must score 80% to pass that test. The following questions are based on the details provided in the Nevada Motorcycle Manual. If you need additional information, please contact your local DMV office. You can find your nearest DMV office at Nevada DMV locations.

You have made 2 errors so far.
1. A face shield should:
  • Prevent air from passing through it

  • Should not fasten too tightly

  • Allow a clear view from side to side

  • Be tight enough to prevent glasses from fitting underneath it

2. Which of the following will protect your eyes from the wind?
  • Windshield

  • Goggles

  • Eyeglasses

  • Face shield

3. A pre-ride inspection should:
  • Only take a few minutes

  • Be complicated to perform

  • Should take more than an hour

  • Not be done before every ride

4. How can you increase your chances of being seen at an intersection?
  • Ride close to vehicles in front of you

  • Try to make eye contact with other drivers

  • Wave your arms

  • Make sure you always ride with your headlight on

5. The gearshift lever is operated by:
  • Your left hand

  • Your left foot

  • Your right hand

  • Your right foot

6. Helmeted riders are ________ more likely to survive head injuries than those not wearing helmets at the time of a crash
  • ten times

  • three times

  • two times

  • eight times