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New York DMV CDL HazMat - Test 2 2018

(From the 2018 New York CDL Handbook)
Number of tests: 2
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 80

Directions: To obtain this endorsement for hauIing hazardous materials, applicants must pass a 20-question test. Before taking the test, applicants must pass a Transportation Security Administration background check. And to pass the test, applicants must score at least 80%. Test questions are from the New York Commercial Driver Handbook. The Hazardous Materials endorsement can be used with the Class A, B, or C CDL.

You have made 2 errors so far.
1. If the school bus is so equipped, the school bus driver should activate the bus' alternating flashing amber warning lights in accordance with state law or at least ______ before the school bus stop.
  • 12-hour sentence in jail

  • Attendance to Alcohol Highway Safety School

  • 5-year driver`s license suspension

  • $100.00 fine

2. Because of passing cars, the area ______ of the bus is always considered dangerous for school buses.
  • They are driving with teenage passengers

  • They are driving with their pet as a passenger

  • They are driving without any passengers

  • They are driving with adult passengers

3. What should you do when you need to back up your vehicle but you do not have a look out?
  • Drive the speed limit

  • Drive 5 to 10 miles below the speed limit

  • Drive slightly faster than the speed limit

  • Stay close to the vehicle ahead

4. What color are the ABS malfunction lamps on school buses?
  • Four-way intersection.

  • Railroad crossing.

  • First aid station.

  • Church.

5. You should adjust the outside left and right side convex mirrors so you are able to see _______.
  • No u-turn.

  • No right turn.

  • No left turn.

  • No turn on red.

6. If your bus is equipped with ABS, during an emergency situation, you should _______.
  • Allow at least 4 seconds of following distance

  • Allow a following distance of at least 2 car lengths

  • Allow at least 2 seconds of following distance

  • Allow a following distance of at least 4 motorcycle lengths