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South Carolina DMV Motorcycle Practice Test 2 2019

(From the 2019 South Carolina Motorcycle Manual)
Number of tests: 2
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 80

Directions: To get a motorcycle license in South Carolina, you must pass a knowledge test. The South Carolina Knowledge test consists of 30 questions. You must score 80% to pass that test. The following questions are based on the details provided in the South Carolina Motorcycle Manual. If you need additional information, please contact your local DMV office. You can find your nearest DMV office at South Carolina DMV locations.

You have made 2 errors so far.
1. When passing a vehicle, you should ride in what portion of the lane?
  • Right portion

  • Left portion

  • Center portion

2. What should be the first consideration when buying your motorcycle helmet:
  • Price

  • Protection

  • Appearance

3. How should you brake?
  • With the front brake only

  • With the rear brake only

  • With both brakes

4. The safest part of the lane in any situation is:
  • The left portion of the lane

  • There is no single best lane position for all situations

  • The right portion of the lane

5. If you drive over an object, you should _________ .
  • test your brakes to ensure they are still working

  • continue riding since the danger is over

  • pull to the side of the road and check the tires and rims for damage

6. How fast does the human body remove alcohol?
  • About three drinks per hour

  • About two drinks per hour

  • About one drink per hour