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South Carolina DMV Permit Practice Test 21 2019

(From the 2019 South Carolina Driver's Manual)
Number of tests: 21
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 80

Directions: When applying for South Carolina Driver's license, applicants must take and successfully pass a knowledge exam. The South Carolina Knowledge exam consists of 30 questions. You must score 80% to pass that exam. The following questions are based on the details provided in the South Carolina Driver License Manual. Please study the manual before taking the test. If you need additional information, please contact your local DMV office. You can find your nearest DMV office at South Carolina DMV locations.

You have made 2 errors so far.
1. A railroad crossbuck sign should be treated the same as a yield sign.
  • False

  • True

2. When faced with low visibility conditions due to fog while driving, you should:
  • Slow down and use your low beam headlights, and if fog is heavy, pull clear of the roadway and stop.

  • Increase your speed so as not to cause an accident.

  • Turn on your high beam headlights.

3. To see objects in your blind spot when changing lanes, drivers should check:
  • Over the left or right shoulder.

  • Only the inside rearview mirror.

  • Only the left outside mirror.

4. At a school crossing sign, you should:
  • Always stop, whether there‚Äôs a stop sign or not.

  • Always sound your horn when you see children.

  • Watch for children and be ready to stop.

5. This sign means:
  • Pedestrians walking along the road ahead.

  • Pedestrian crossing ahead.

  • Pedestrians must not cross here.

6. What should you do when you see this sign?
  • Slow down and yield for trains.

  • Look for a train station ahead.

  • Signal before going any further.