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Tennessee DMV Motorcycle Practice Test 3 2019

(From the 2019 Tennessee Motorcycle Manual)
Number of tests: 3
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 80

Directions: To get a motorcycle license in Tennessee, you must pass a knowledge test. The Tennessee Knowledge test consists of 30 questions. You must score 80% to pass that test. The following questions are based on the details provided in the Tennessee Motorcycle Manual. If you need additional information, please contact your local DMV office. You can find your nearest DMV office at Tennessee DMV locations.

You have made 2 errors so far.
1. When positioning your body on the motorcycle:
  • Your arms should be used to steer the motorcycle

  • You should have to stretch to reach the handgrips

  • Your arms should be used to hold you up

2. There may be less traction available for braking when:
  • The motorcycle is on a clear highway

  • The motorcycle is leaned over, such as in a curve

  • The motorcycle is straight up

3. Which of the following is not a reason to keep a cushion of space between you and the vehicle in front of you?
  • It gives you more time to respond

  • It provides more space to maneuver

  • It prevents you from finding an escape route

4. A motorized vehicle with 45 or less cc's:
  • Cannot be driven on a public roadway

  • Should be driven on the shoulder of roadways

  • Should not be used

5. All drivers should anticipate potential dangers and think of ways to avoid those dangers. Which is NOT a potential problem?
  • Traffic control devices, such as signals and signs

  • A change in road and surface characteristics

  • Conditions that look the same ahead as you are driving on.

6. An approved helmet:
  • Can become a hazard for a driver

  • Allows you to see as far to the sides as necessary

  • Severely limits your vision