Everything You Should Know About VIN

What Does Each Number In VIN Stand For?

A VIN can be broken up into 4 sections. Each section of the VIN gives a specific piece of information about the vehicle, including the year, the country and factory of manufacture; the model; and the serial number.

The first section contains three digits and generally identifies the manufacturer of the vehicle. The first digit identifies the nation of origin. The second digit identifies the manufacturer of the vehicle, and the third digit identifies a division within the manufacturer or a general vehicle type.

The next five digits describe the vehicle. For example, they will describe vehicles' brands, weights, sizes, body types, and engines, etc.

The third section is consistent among all manufacturers. The ninth digit is called a check digit. This allows computers to tell immediately if an error exists in the VIN, which often happens when a VIN is being transcribed or entered into a computer. The tenth digit represents the model year and each year has a code character. The eleventh digit is the plant code, representing the factory where the car was assembled.

The last six digits, 12 through 17, are production sequence numbers and is also called a serial number.


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