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No U-turn Sign
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Meaning of No U-turn Sign

No U-turn signs are placed at intersections to notify drivers that it is illegal to make a U-turn (a turn in the road to go the opposite direction).Typically, it is because the area has too much traffic to safely allow a U-turn (for instance, heavy oncoming traffic as well as traffic coming out of road-side shopping centers, etc.).


This sign is often found at intersections.


  • When you see this sign, it is not allowed to make a complete turn to go in the opposite direction, but you can make a left turn at this intersection.
  • If you need to reverse direction, you can take a side street, circle the block, or turn the direction you need to go when you intersect the highway you were traveling on again.
  • U-turns are also illegal in these areas: on a highway divided by a strip of land, curb or two sets of double yellow lines, at or on a railroad crossing, on a one-way street.

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