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Wrong Way Sign
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Meaning of Wrong Way Sign

The wrong way sign means that you are driving into oncoming traffic or you are entering into a restricted area. These signs can be seen in driveways or alleys and you should always prepare to stop when you see these signs on the road.


This sign is often found at roadway-openings, one-way roads, crossovers and exit ramps.


  • The wrong way sign indicates that you are driving in the wrong direction. You must come to an immediate stop and turn around safely.
  • Driving past the wrong way sign means you are in trouble. As soon as you see a wrong way sign facing directly towards you, you are already driving against traffic.
  • The wrong way sign supplements to the do not enter sign. It is placed at a location along the exit ramp or the one-way roadway farther from the crossroad than the do not enter sign.

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